ITALY - The Italian Ski Resort

From Libya via Lampedusa. In the dark, the hotel that loomed after the last hairpin bend looked rather like Overlook in Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining. But that's where the resemblance ends. Montecampione, altitude 1,800 meters, is a ski resort at the end of the road winding up the Camonica Valley in Lombardy. The most striking thing on arrival here is being greeted with the faces and voices from another continent. Since June 2011, more than 100 Africans who fled the war inhave been settled in this hotel by the Brescia police authority, in line with the Italian government's policy of spreading thearound the country. In most places the local authorities have been required to house them, but here private enterprise has also been asked to contribute. The hotel in Montecampione houses and feeds the migrants for 40 euros a head per day. The nearest village in the valley is more than 20km away, so the migrants are cut off from the outside world while they await a decision on their fates.
"We live in a strange situation here," admitted a lively young Ghanaian called Michael. "We've got absolutely nothing to do, but we're all impatient to find work and start our lives again." The last five migrants to arrive in Montecampione are equally bewildered. They reached Lampedusa early in August, and were taken across Italy. They have got plenty of time to find out about where they have ended up.

Sources: Salvatore Aloïse, Tuesday 16 August 2011
Evening view from the ski resort
Salisu Mola, 20, Ghana
Abobakar Ismael, 30, Sudan
Abdalla Ibrihima, 53, Niger
Ibrahim Isa, 30, Sudan
Mustapha, 35, Gambia
Sidibi Laia, 20, Mali
Adam Hamed, 35, Sudan
Adam Jallow, 25, Gambia
Denba Ballet, 36, Senegal
Lamin Bah, 25, Senegal
Diara Labasse, 30, Mali
Christian, 27, Nigeria
Musa Seidy, 24, Gambia
Hamed, 25, Sudan
Hamed Sileman, 27, Nigeria
Bakar Sonko, 32, Gambia
Baccari, 29, Gambia
Kande, 31, Guinea-Bissau
Salisu Mola, 20, Ghana
Dau Gambu, 26, Senegal